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Know the Law

Before you install any type of security system into your home or office, especially for hidden surveillance, you should know that there are legal restrictions. In most states, anyone recording audio or video needs to inform anyone in the range of cameras or microphones that they are being recorded. Illegally obtained conversations or video proof of activity is generally not admissible in court. Anyone that finds a recording devise, and wasn't previously made aware of its existence, could potentially bring charges against you. Difficulty can be avoided by posting signs, we provide window stickers for our clients, and having employees sign a waiver stating that they understand they are being recorded.

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Progressive Surveillance Tech provides the latest technology in wired, wireless, long-range, digital, high-definition cameras that are both recorded and viewable live over the internet, by computer, smart phone, or tablet. Depending on your requirements, we can provide covert or overt, infrared, controllable (live aim, zoom & follow), and/or weather/vandal resistant cameras. Our recording devices can be outfitted with hard drives to retain video as long as you require. Our aim is to provide a design a solution that is suited just for your needs.

Progressive Surveillance focuses on safety for you, your family, your employees, your properties, and your customers. Our systems reduce liability and loss and increase productivity. You cannot protect what you cannot see. Let our years of experience guide you in creating a security solution to put your mind at ease.

What to Consider When Choosing Cameras

All security camera systems are not created equally. There are a few things to consider before deciding which camera is right for your needs. You need to think about what you need to see, what you need in order to watch it, and how to get a high quality picture. Consider some of these important questions:

  • Are you focusing on one spot or do you need to keep an eye on several different areas?
  • Do you need to record activity, or do you just want the ability to keep an eye on things?
  • Will you need to monitor indoor & outdoor activity?
  • How important are color images as opposed to black & white?
  • Do your cameras need to be hidden, or do publicly visible cameras suit your needs?
  • Wired camera system, or wireless?

There are many aspects to consider and we are happy to guide you through the process during your free needs assessment.

Systems can support many different cameras or just one, they can be wireless or wired, they can be mobile or fixed, and they can create high-resolution images or fuzzy, confusing images. Camera systems are a purchase that adheres to the rule “you get what you pay for”, so you want to be sure to choose wisely. We have had many first time clients call us after having purchased a do-it-yourself system and having come to the conclusion that they made a bad investment and have to start over.

Camera Options

  • Dome Camera – Ceiling or wall mounted camera that is not hidden but unobtrusive, offering wide-angle views that allow panning, zooming, and tilting. Most often used for live surveillance monitoring.
  • Pinhole Camera – Can be as small as a sugar cube with a lens so small it can be hidden in a hole a small as 1/16 of an inch. Used for covert surveillance with a narrow field of view.
  • Bullet Camera – Sleek, cylindrical style camera that can be ceiling or wall mounted. Used to pinpoint one specific area.
  • Wireless Camera – Can be conveniently installed and relocated and in some cases can be portable, but has potential transmission distance issues particularly in low quality models. They still require a power source.
  • Wired camera – Require more labor-intensive installation but can offer high quality, stable signals.
  • Fixed focal and variable focus cameras – With a fixed focal lens camera it is important to understand the visual angle and distance you require. A vari-focal lens allows you to change and focus to different distances as needed.
  • Color camera – Can offer higher resolution images and a better view if your light condition is fairly good. In low light images will be black & white.
  • Day/night camera – Can be installed to compensate for areas with varying light conditions such as outdoor areas. They generally have wide dynamic range to function in glare, direct sunlight, reflections, and strong backlight areas 24 hours a day.
  • Day/night with IR cameras - High resolution cameras that can be installed to compensate for areas with varying light conditions such as outdoor areas. They produce full color images in daylight and automatically convert to black and white in low light. They generally have wide dynamic range to function in glare, direct sunlight, reflections, and strong backlight areas 24 hours a day.
  • Infrared/night vision camera – Ability to see in pitch black conditions using infrared LEDs.
  • Water-resistant/outdoor camera – Are like a dome camera but suitable for outdoor use because of its resistance to moisture, dust, and insects.
  • Waterproof camera – Mini camera that can be submerged in water because of its water-tight casing.
  • Network/IP camera – Can be wired or wireless and transmit images over the internet. This allows the user to log in to the camera images from any computer or mobile device. IP surveillance cameras offer tremendous benefits over traditional analog CCTV systems—notably, resolution up to 15 times higher than analog cameras and superior system installation flexibility and scalability. IP surveillance cameras:
  1. Can be used with existing networks
  2. Deliver better resolution and video quality
  3. Offer easy user interface and configuration tools for lower maintenance costs
  4. Enable administrators to view, manage and record video either locally or remotely using standard Internet browsers
  5. Offer built-in motion detection triggers
  6. Can provide instant surveillance alerts and updates
  7. Offer options for virtually every size budget

As you can see there are many cameras to choose from, some of which can combine the above described features into specialty cameras. The best part is you don’t have to know which will be suit your needs because you have the experts at Progressive Surveillance Tech to help you design a customized solution. Call us today at 517-694-8999 to schedule your free assessment.