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State & Local Government

Protecting public property is a growing concern and a difficult job for municipal government.  Progressive Surveillance Tech has extensive experience working with Cities, Towns, Townships, and Villages to provide video surveillance systems to monitor public assets for incidents of vandalism, unauthorized access, or other threats that can be used as court evidence.

Protected Assets:

  •       Parks
  •       Lakes
  •       Trails
  •       Pools
  •       Marinas
  •       Intersections
  •       Downtown/Retail Areas
  •       Waste Facilities
  •       Town Halls
  •       Court Houses
  •       Libraries
  •       Civic Centers

The investment in surveillance security allows for a reduction in liability through 24 hour monitoring of activity in at-risk areas. IP-based video surveillance is one of the most useful, flexible, and cost-effective tools for ensuring public safety. In fact, one study measured the savings of a municipality at $4.30 for every dollar spent on surveillance. * Your surveillance system can provide information for first responders to act quickly and efficiently by assessing needs before deploying resources.

* http://www.urban.org/sites/default/files/alfresco/publication-pdfs/412401-Evaluating-the-Use-of-Public-Surveillance-Cameras-for-Crime-Control-and-Prevention-A-Summary.PDF 


  1. Monitor public gathering areas and share live or recorded video with multiple local, state, and federal agencies.
  2. Monitor public facilities with covert cameras to prevent property damage and losses.
  3. Deter incidents in high-crime areas with wireless, automated and infrared camera systems.
  4. Provide active monitoring to reduce vandalism and other crimes by streaming real-time video to first responders through any mobile device.
  5. Increase conviction rates and reduce investigation costs using high-quality images protected by tamper-proof storage.



Progressive Surveillance Tech, founded by retired Michigan State Police Trooper Thomas Westgate, has over 25 years of experience meeting the surveillance needs of State Police posts throughout the State of Michigan. We stay current with state requirements for law enforcement agency surveillance, and provide compliant wireless, IP, remote, and self-contained camera and audio systems to ensure proper collection of critical information in the investigation process.

  • Interrogation Rooms
  • Detainment Facilities
  • Exterior Building Security
  • Covert Applications
  • Pinhole installations
  • Dash Cameras
  • Body Cameras

Educational Facilities

Our schools should be safe havens for learning, however, incidents of theft and violence, including student violence against teachers, are on the rise in America's schools. School administrators are looking for ways to increase building security, and are finding video surveillance to be a useful, flexible, and cost-effective tool for gaining information regarding detrimental activities occurring on school property.

Vandalism, violence toward students and faculty members, and theft are just some of the incidents that are on the rise in our schools. In a five-year period, a 36% increase was recorded in criminal incidents reported in U.S. schools. During the 2011-12 school year, more teachers reported being threatened or attacked with injury than in previous years. Without recorded evidence, it is difficult to deliver effective consequences for the actions of these individuals.

Once installed in schools, surveillance cameras are used not only for security from outside invaders, but also for monitoring inside threats and student behavior. Digital capture and storage capabilities make footage easy to access, view, and share. The shift from analog to IP, cameras means that surveillance footage can also be easily shared with local law enforcement.

Cameras with 360-degree visual capability allow users to see an entire classroom to get a more comprehensive view of not only adverse activity, but also allows a view of both the teacher giving a lesson and of student engagement. As a result the ability to monitor the halls and classrooms where students and teachers spend a large portion of their day, seems to create a sense of increasing safety for school communities.

Bureau of Justice Statistics, Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2013, https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1184695/school-crime-and-safety-report.pdf

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Crime is Schools and Colleges: https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/nibrs/crime-in-schools-and-colleges


  1. Investment in surveillance camera systems by school districts ensures the community that the safety and security of students is a top priority and concerns of misconduct are being addressed.
  2. The presence of strategically placed, highly visible surveillance cameras on school premises acts as a deterrent to thieves and criminals from indulging in illegal activities.
  3. Sexual predators are also a threat that school children face on school campuses or in parking lots. Camera systems' footage is very useful in tracking down predators or helping inform police about threatening situations in real time.
  4. Surveillance camera systems can also be designed with audio recording capability. Although audio is not generally permissible in civil cases, incidents of bullying or harassing students can be disciplined based on video and audio footage records.
  5. School personnel manning surveillance camera systems in real-time can take quick action for evacuating students and staff in case of emergencies related to fire or other imminent danger.

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A surveillance system can assist you with not only securing public or private property, but can also keep you informed of all activities to reduce liability. We can set up your system to alert you when there is activity in a programmed area, or just login to any computer or mobile device to see real-time video of what is happening right now.

If you need one wireless camera, or a fully-integrated surveillance system, covert or detectible, we have products to meet your needs.  

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